The Pit and the Pendulum


Part 1 Part 2   As is often the case with other Edgar Allan Poe stories, the first-person narrator in “The Pit and the Pendulum” is unnamed, and what he has done, and whether he is guilty of a wrongdoing or not, is not known.   As we are introduced to the beginning of this particular […]

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The Tell-Tale Heart


The Tell-Tale Heart is one of Poe’s most famous short stories, and it’s the one I chose as the centerpiece of my book, The Poe Consequence.. It’s about an unnamed narrator who tells the story of a murder he committed to prove he is sane, but in the telling of the story, we see that […]

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Pop Culture

Edgar Allan Poe in Pop Culture


An artwork inspired by “The Raven” Just as Edgar Allan Poe’s fictional characters obsessed over objects like a vulture’s eye, a black cat or death itself, there’s something about his poems and short stories that we can’t ignore. Perhaps it’s because his kind of horror is something not easily forgotten, for it can disturb the […]

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Edgar Allan Poe and the Goth Subculture


The Goth Connection Edgar Allan Poe died more than 160 years ago, yet his lasting legacy still occupies an honored position in that intriguing area of literature examining the dark side of human nature. Because of this, the question has often been asked if he could be considered the first goth, or, certainly, one of […]

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