“Steinbaum tells a story that intelligently and respectfully addresses issues of race and violence. A grounded urban tale that’s enhanced but not dominated by touches of otherworldliness.”

2017 Book Excellence Award Finalist
Awarded by Book Excellence Awards

“Taking on Poe is a tough challenge, but Keith Steinbaum handles it well…The surprise for me was the underlying theme of prejudice. Steinbaum dives right in and handles this incredibly well. The story never gets preachy. In fact, the realism is striking. We aren’t handed a magical, fairy tale solution. Instead, we’re shown the injustice of it in a way that makes it understandable, almost forgivable, but never tolerable.”

Darcia Helle Author of Enemies and Playmates

“Keith Steinbaum’s The Poe Consequence is pure win. It’s a blend of supernatural, suspense in one and it was the perfect pick for the weekend in by myself with no obligations. My mind was pacing fast as I devoured page after page which had its own thrilling sequence. I found myself speeding through the chapters while absorbing its rich storyline with much satisfaction and curiosity. Having read a few stories from Poe himself, I had high expectations and this book did not disappoint!” read more..

Delta Thatcher

THE POE CONSEQUENCE is very, very good. No, that’s an understatement: the talent with which author Keith Steinbaum creates and maintains multiple levels of meaning, juggling a vast cast of characters, and reaching into the inner recesses of each of these characters, is awe-inspiring! For each character, I felt as if I lived inside that individual, comprehending the character’s motivations and understanding the thoughts. Then there is the incredible framework, which makes this a trans-genre novel, even transcending genre limitations. Definitely a Best of its Year, and I will be seeking it out to reread.

Mallory Heart Reviews "Fair and authentic reviews"

“It’s amazing to realize that this is a first novel for Steinbaum. He brings the literary horror message from Poe, and in particular The Tell Tale Heart, and adds it to street lit gang banger activities directly from the L.A. streets! Got to say I loved the concept, the story line, and implementation merge of today’s world with the one present during Poe’s time. Whew! The Poe Consequence is scary, eloquent, weird, literary writing at its finest and a story worthy, in my opinion, of being a follow-up to Poe’s classics!”

Glenda Bixler Book Reader's Heaven

From his years as a professional song lyricist, Keith moved forward in his desire to write a novel, culminating in the completion of his book, The Poe Consequence. At the end of the year, the book was awarded Books-and-Authors.nets Book of the Year in the Supernatural Thriller genre. Originally self-published, The Poe Consequence has been signed to a contract with Black Opal Books. Tentatively scheduled for a summer 2019 re-release, the original version is still available in print from Amazon.com. The audiobook version can be purchased through Audible.com, Amazon.com, or i-Tunes.

His second novel, a whodunit murder mystery entitled You Say Goodbye, features an unusual connection to the Beatles, a one hit wonder ex-rock ‘n roll star, and a little girl fighting cancer with a strong affinity for the Los Angeles Lakers. You Say Goodbye will also be published by Black Opal Books and is expected to be available in the early part of 2019.

Keith lives in the Los Angeles County area and is married with two grown children.





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