Since time immemorial, humans have been haunted by this question: Do ghosts exist?

The belief in ghosts is present in most cultures around the world. In European folklore, they are the souls of the dead who come back to haunt or harm the living. In Chinese traditions, ghosts of ancestors are believed to be able to communicate with the living through a medium.

Ghosts are called by many names and are thought to manifest themselves in various forms, yet they all have one defining nature – they are spirits of the deceased hanging onto or taking part in the material world.

The Afterlife and Ghosts

To question the existence of ghosts is to question whether there is an afterlife. If ghosts are real, are they evidence that an afterlife exists? Once a person dies, do angels, demons or the Creator not greet them?  And if there are ghosts, is it because the souls lingering on Earth have yet to be ‘relocated’ anywhere?

Fear of Death

How can someone who’s already dead be alive?  Death is supposed to be an irreversible ending to life, the final phenomenon, and dead people are not supposed to come back.

Many of us fear what we don’t know, and death is the definitive mystery.  For those who believe in ghosts, the frightening proposition that something disruptive and destructive can occur stems from our inability to know for sure just what it is that exists after death, and why it may even exist at all.

In my book, The Poe Consequence, life after death is quite real, and, for the two L.A. street gangs responsible for the drive-by killing of the victim, the only option they’re given is to believe…and to fear.

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