Introduction to Edgar Allan Poe (video + commentary)

As mentioned in the video above, Edgar Poe was born in Boston to two actors. His father abandoned the family while he was young, and his mother died soon afterwards.  From that point in his childhood, John and Frances Allan, from whom he gained his middle name, fostered him.  As a young man, Edgar had a gambling problem and went into debt due to the cost of his secondary education, a situation that eventually caused him to drop out of the University of Virginia after only one semester.  He then enlisted in the Army but failed as an officer’s cadet at West Point.  It was during this time that he found his true calling to be a poet and writer.

In addition to being credited as the inventor of the detective fiction story, Edgar Allan Poe was arguably the most important American author of the gothic suspense genre.  He was not just an author, but also a poet, editor, and literary critic, and his life and death, like so many of his works, were shrouded in mystery.

My published book, The Poe Consequence, is inspired and influenced by my admiration for Poe and, predominantly, two of his works:  The Tell-Tale Heart and The Pit and the Pendulum.  In the proceeding weeks, subsequent blog posts on my website will focus on Poe, and these two tales, that are featured in my novel.


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