Is There Is Life After Death?

Death is life’s greatest mystery.  Is there life after death? The resurrection of Christ is a well-documented event, but did it really happen? Has anyone really come back from the dead?  Is there any concrete evidence that this is even possible? Interviewing someone who died is obviously quite challenging, unless you consider a person ‘dead’ whose heart stopped pumping for a few minutes.  Well, technically a person is considered medically dead if his heart stops. So, maybe we can start from there.

What is it like to die? Does consciousness continue?  Some people who experienced the sensation of dying claimed that they saw a light, or that an out of body experience occurred. Some describe seeing nothing but black emptiness.  A study conducted at the University of Southampton spent four years studying 2,060 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals in the UK, US and Austria. In the study, 330 of the 2,060 survived, and of the 140 surveyed, 39% of them described some kind of awareness even after the brain had shut down completely.

Of course, the study really doesn’t prove anything. Many would argue that the near death experiences are just a figment of their imagination, and it should not be taken seriously. Many scientists also believe that these experiences are just hallucinations produced by the brain. However, the people who experienced this believe that they actually died but were given a chance to continue living.

For now, the clinical evidence for life after death is subjective and arguable. We cannot disprove it, but we cannot prove it either. No living person will ever know.


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